G'day 'Straya!
It’s ya’ old mate Browny here.

G'day 'Straya,


A little while back, me and me mates at Four’N Twenty noticed a real lack of Aussie slang gettin around. And we weren’t too keen on it.


We had a crack at educating the nation. We had some good results, but it wasn’t enough.


Luckily, I used me noggin and cooked up a plan. I decided to print 70 of Australia's favourite slang words, right on the pack. 70 Aussie slang words, to celebrate 70 years of The Great Australian Taste.


Food for the gut and food for the mind.


So get around it ‘Straya. Pick up a Four’N Twenty Save Our Slang Pie or Sausage Roll, hold onto ya’ pack and chuck ya’ barcode in the box below.

I’ve got a bunch of bonza prizes lookin’ for a home.





Embrace aussie slang


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